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Mohini Joshi Bordawekar

Creative Director & Teacher at Manmohini Indian Dance School

Mohini Joshi Bordawekar ,had her Indian classical Kathak dance training at Late Guru Pandita Rohini Bhate's 'Nrityabharati Kathak dance academy ,Pune' under the able guidance of Guru Smt Amala Shekhar . Mohini is Masters degree holder in Kathak style from Centre for performing Arts ,University of Pune.She has performed all over India ,along with the troupe of Nrityabharati Kathak Dance Academy ,Pune.

After successfully completing her post graduation with A grade,Mohini migrated to Melbourne ,Australia,she moved to Melbourne,Australia and founded Kathak dance school.She is the founder ,creative director and teacher at Manmohini Indian dance school . Mohini faced and overcame many challenges while establishing herself as a professional Kathak Dancer and teacher,as she is still one of those rare Indian Classical Kathak dancers who introduced this artform in the Victorian community.

Since 2005 ,The dance school has been flourishing because of her tremendous efforts and extreme dedication and currently Manmohini Indian Dance school currently has 8 branches in Melbourne. one in Sydney and an Overseas Branch in India, conducted by Mohini and her Senior students.

Mohini is passionate about preserving this traditional art and adding many dimensions to the style through creative projects and collaborations along with other art forms.

Mohini beleives that ,Australian multicultural communities need more Authentic Indian Classical dance and music institutions which professionally deliver the quality training and productions to create authentic impression of Indian Classical dance in Australia .

Mohini has been Awarded by Hon. Robin Scott (Multicultural Affairs Minister of Victoria) for the ARTS EXCELLENCE AWARD in Recognition of Outstanding Contribution of Indian Classical Dance in Australia,in October 2016.

She has worked for Geelong council/Diversitat as Indian dance performer.

She has conducted workshop to teach around 400 kids of St Anthony's Catholic primary school (Noble Park ,Victoria) over a time span of one school term, i.e. around 3 months. During this time she was solely responsible for the research, concept, script writing, designing and making props, costumes, scheduling of workshops, audio editing of sound tracks of "Celebrations from India" concert.

Mohini along with her students have been performing and teaching and conducting workshops for last 9 years to spread awareness of Kathak dance style, and spread their love towards this beautiful Indian Traditional art form into multicultural community of Australia and also with the rest of the world . Mohini is focused Leader for the Kathak Dance Community.

Over a short time span of 9 years ,she has not only managed to create a huge community across the globe which follows her work ,but she has also inspired many students and other Indian Dance teachers and performers to be independent as a performing artist .She encourages them to stand on their own,she supports them by sharing her experiences and promotes them by giving them a platform to show their skills. Many of her senior students are now receiving training from her to become Kathak teachers ,who are teaching under Manmohini Indian Dance school.Mohini is focused on nurturing the talent in the field of Indian Classical KathakDance and empowering them artistically,socially and financially.

Mohini's daughter Aabha is following her mothers footsteps and gradually progressing on the path of the Kathak tradition,keeping Mohini's commitment ,to take it to the next generations here in Australia.

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